I'm an amateur photographer, living in Palm Desert, California...
...finished with a primary career in Aviation Administration, now a "sojourner in civilized life", amateur photographer, hiker, and 36 year resident of California's Coachella Valley.

Above Left: 1962, Eastern Washington, Dry Falls: First camera around my 9-year-old neck: a "Kodak Hawkeye Funflash"... purchased with cereal box tops. 
Biographical: From Seattle originally, I spent my teens and twenties in Santa Barbara, California. My calling seemed to be in the Fine Arts, and I studied drawing, painting, art history and photography from junior high school through SB City College. This became Environmental Science at UCSB however, following the Santa Barbara oil spill disaster of 1969. Coupled with outdoor life from an early age, this background is at the heart of my interest in photography.
My wife Brenda and I left Santa Barbara in 1979 for Flagstaff, AZ, starting our careers there. But we have been living for over 36 years now in the Coachella Valley; we are fortunate to have our home base centered here, in the natural beauty of the California desert. Much of my photography is devoted to it.
For a few years I worked as a hike, bike and jeep guide, in and around the Coachella Valley. My interest in photography renewed and expanded over the past 10 years, and combined with the guide experience, I now lead photo trips for the Coachella Valley Hiking Club and the Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club. Hiking with friends from low desert to near 11,000 ft., and traveling the desert for new photo subjects, are favorite activities. 
Equipment and software: I use a Canon 6D for dark sky photography, a Canon 5DSr for most everything else, and Canon L series lenses. Post-production work is in Adobe Suite and Topaz Suite primarily. Am using a cell phone camera more frequently, which has yielded some award-winning images. I have also been experimenting with Dark Sky photography over several years now, for the most part in Joshua Tree National Park. 
I'm a current board member of the Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club (CVDCC), and a participant in the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C).
FACT:  Subject matter in this part of the California desert is virtually endless. Joshua Tree National Park, the Coachella Valley, Salton Sea, Imperial Sand Dunes, the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountain Ranges and dozens of hidden gems... all of these offer astounding photographic opportunities. On this site, I hope to provide at least a glimpse of what is possible here. 
Thanks for visiting... and of course, contact me here if you'd like:
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