For several years now I've been pursuing an interest in Dark Sky Photography. Joshua Tree National Park, a nearby dark sky island, is a favorite location for shooting the Milky Way. The austerity of the high desert, it's character, elevation and clarity of light make it an exceptional place for photographers. This is especially true for those capturing night sky images, who need the absence of light pollution.
As a local hiker in the park and a guide there for several years, I find the changes from day to night and season to season add to my appreciation of the landscape, no matter when I'm there.These images are from favorite locations in both the high and low desert portions of the Park.
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Starlight Over Sheep Pass

Joshua Tree National Park

June, 2018

Blood Moon Tableau

Joshua Tree National Park

November, 2021

Starlight Over Desert Queen Ranch

CVDCC 2018  Image of the Year Award, Pictorial Color
S4C End of Year Gold Award, Pictorial Individual Color, 2018-19
S4C Excellence Award, Pictorial, 2019

Details: 120 degree panorama, 16 images in 2 rows, knitted together in Photoshop:
  Canon 6D, 50mm, f2.8, 10sec each, ISO 3200.  Each shot taken in portrait format, 15 degrees apart. 

Nightscape, Wonderland Ranch 

Joshua Tree National Park

June, 2017

Nightscape, Desert Queen Ranch
May, 2017

Cholla Fields by Moonlight

Joshua Tree National Park

October 29th, 2020

Midnight, Stars, '37 Hudson Terraplane

 Joshua Tree National Park

May, 2017

Stardust Over Cap Rock
Joshua Tree National Park
May, 2019

"Cap Rock by Starlight"

May, 2019

"The Cholla Gardens at Midnight"

June, 2019

"Midnight, Desert Queen Ranch"

May, 2018

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